Fine Art in Node.js
Hi! My name is Matthew Whittemore
I work at Mapbox and tweet as mcwhittemore
Fine Art in Node.js
Tonight we're gonna talk about making fine art in node.js. first we're going to cover some paintings that I've been thinking about for the last while. Then we're gonna scroll through a bunch of generative pictures made mashing up instagrams. Then we're gonna deep dive through the code to make one of the images. Ready?
I don't really know anything about art
I wrote a paper on this once though
That said... I like art
And I make art
So I'm gonna try to teach it a bit tonight.
Javascript included.
For the next bunch of slides I'm gonna show you a bunch of `real` art. To create art we need to have something in mind that we are creating, else is just chaous on canvas
Rembrant loves selfies
The first painting I really liked
I think I liked it for its name as much as its content The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory
My favorite Dali now is:
The giraffe galloped past a town in Northern Spain
Where it was but a myth from Africa
Where the people jumped and yelled
And told their children they’d tell their children about this day.
Then one spotted the fire climbing the giraffe’s back
Parents yelled their children home,
Turning their eyes to the sky as newspaper headlines
Jumped from memory to present.
Second came the planes,
Third the bombs.
And no one was left to remember that giraffe
a pillar of smoke to warn the next town.
When I was luckly enough to take pictures of giraffe's myself - I made this
Encountering Andrew Wyeth My interest in art died down after college though and didn't really pick up again until about a year ago when I walked into the national gallery of art and found this
Andrew Wyeth - Weatherside
Andrew Wyeth - Groundhog Day - the first painting present in my life - hung above our sofa but I didn't know who it was by until there was an Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Natioanl Gallery.
So I tried to write a poem about it
and ended up searching instagram insteed
If Rembrant could make selfies into art...
and wrote some code -
and made this
Ok. I lie. I made these first
and this
and this
But in the end I got this
Its almost time for lots of code - but I want to point out that like I really don't know art
I'm not sure I know anything about computer science
I just like programing
Sometimes I've called myself a to help make it clear that I'm not a CS person
Poet Programer
Other times I've called myself a maker Maker
now I'm simply human
I say this because I think it easy to not do something because at that point in time you aren't that type of human. I spent the last 4 years burning myself out trying to be not quite who I am. At points, all I knew about myself was that I liked to code, or write poetry or watch scifi shows. Being creative helped me process a bunch and my wife encouraged me to do this continue, but creative somehow become `start a company at night` and not `have fun making something`. I'm still struggling with this, but having a non-product, non-work, just-fun, project has helped alot
Here is some of what I've made.
Block and Merge
block merge
block merge
Path and Merge
path merge
path merge
High Contrast
less color
less color
less color
This takes a lot of images
2000+ images
8000+ images
The process is the art Each script builds on the last one made
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