About Me

Hi. My name is Matthew Whittemore. I'm a business and engineering leader living in Maine. Currently I'm work at Best Egg empowering renters to pay, stay and thrive in their homes by reimagining how rent gets paid. Before that I spent a year building a tool used to fight neglected tropical disease at crosscut.io . The largest (so far) stint of my career was spent at Mapbox. There I built mapbox-gl-draw, brought offline routing to market, helped created Mapbox Studio and architected a series of changes to the Mapbox authentication layer. I got my start in engineering managmenet and leadership at Social Tables and worked for a defunct pro-audio ecommerce company called Unique Squared.


Sometimes I attempt to make art. Mostly by writing software that applies random rules to large image datasets.


In Q1 2020 I decided to make croissants one a week for 12 weeks and write about. The crossiants are gone, the writing lives.